Thursday, June 7, 2018

ASPAC Board Meeting    5:00pm    

Friday, June 8, 2018

Conference registration: 9:30am-4:30pm    CUE Atrium

Publishers book exhibit: 9:30am-4:30pm    CUE Atrium

Coffee and cookies: 10:00-10:45am        CUE Atrium

Session 1    10:45am - 12:15pm

PANEL 1- China, Russia, and Japan: Evolving International Roles and Relations    CUE 207

Brigid Flay, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, "China and Russia in Central Asia: How can the Belt and Road Initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union Benefit the Region?"

Siobhan Gibbons, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, "Where Do We Go From Here: The Changing Climate on Climate Change in Japan and China"

Libiao Pan, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, “Integrating DPRK: What Can Russian Far East Do?”

Margo Poda, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, “Time to Invest? An examination of the investment climate in the Russian Far East”

Chair: Keiko Hirata, California State University, Northridge

PANEL 2 –Perspectives on Southeast Asia    CUE 216

Sophannak Chorn, Royal University of Phnom Penh, “Re-examine the determinants and constraints of Cambodia-China’s trade connectivity”

Eva Rapoport, Mahidol University, “Javanese trance dance in the perspective of spirit possession studies”

Irfan Ullah, Universiti Sains Malaysia, “The occupations and identities of the Gor Khatri caravanserai from Mughal Period to the post-independent era at Peshawar, Pakistan”

Chair: Shawna Herzog, Washington State University

PANEL 3 – Education, citizenship, and power    CUE 218

Robert Boucher, Florida State University, “Power, Knowledge and Control: Education, Modernity and Crafting the Vietnamese Identity 1900-1930”

Ratu Durotun Nafisah, Padjadjaran University, “Post-colonial Dilemmas in Asia: Resistance vs Tolerance towards Dual Citizenship”

Dongchen Hou, University of Arizona, “English as the “Other”: Revisiting Foreign Language Education Policies in China, 1978-2014”

Chair: Gabriella Reznowski, Washington State University


Lunch        12:15-1:15pm        CUE Atrium

Session 2    1:15-2:45pm

PANEL 4 – Borders, boundaries and transnational relations        CUE 207

Jefferson Mendez, University of the Philippines, “The Rise and Challenges of the Fukuda Doctrine: 1947 and Beyond”

Heawon Choi, University of British Columbia, “Buddhism and the Sinocentric Worldview in Medieval China”

Yeojin Kim, Binghampoton University, State University of New York, “Whose Imagined Faciality: Reconsidering Nationality and Ethnicity in North East Asia”

Chair: Kayo Niimi, Washington State University

PANEL 5 - Gender inequality in contemporary Asia        CUE 216

Baozhen Luo, Western Washington University, “Gender and the Impending Long-Term Care Crisis in China: The Need for Developing a Care Economy”

Christianna Parr, University of Washington, “The Language of Women’s Rights: The Malaysian Case”

Rosemary Soliman, Waseda University, “Why the glass ceiling is not shattered yet? Causes of women’s underrepresentation in Japanese politics”

Chair: Ashley Wright, Washington State University

PANEL 6 - Governing environments in China        CUE 218

Pei Cheng, Western Washington University, “Autonomy or not? The research on Two Social Organizations from the Perspective of Resource Dependence”

Zhifeng Shen, Zhejiang University; University of Pittsburgh, “Sandfields under the Yellow River: Course Change and Regional Livelihoods in the Lankao Region from the Late Qing through the Maoist Era”

Ai Wang, Winona State University, “Environment, Modernity and the Making of the Dagu Bar in North China”

Chair: Lynn Ate, Washington State University

Session 3    3:00-4:30pm

PANEL 7 - Nineteenth century China        CUE 319

Kejian Shi, University of Chicago, “Negotiated Power: The State, Native Chieftains, and Local Governance in Wuding, 1800-1850”

Jiajia Liu, The Graduate Insititute of International and Development Studies, “The Early History of Shanghai’s Financial Capitalism in the Global Periphery, 1860s-1940s”

Ruogu Zhang, Guizhou Normal University, “The 120th Anniversary of the Wuxu Coup in 1898: Reflections on the underlying cause of the tragic end to the Reform movement”

Chair: E. Elena Songster, St. Mary’s College of California

PANEL 8 – Undergraduate Research Panel: India    CUE 218

Mark Maben, Washington State University, “Hindutva: How Hindu Nationalism denotes Tendencies to Fascism”

Aaron Alman, Washington State University, “Modernity in India: Modernity, BJP, and Hinduism”

Eleanor Schulz, Washington State University, “Bacha Posh: The Girls who were Boys”

Daniel Cullinan, Washington State University, “Ascending Obscurity: Living Heavy Metal in South Asia”

Chair: Lipi Turner-Rahman, Washington State University

RECEPTION 4:30 – 6:00pm in the CUB Junior Ballroom
    Gu Zheng performance by Yang Xu

EVENT: Screening of the documentary film “Right of Passage,” 6:00-8:30pm, CUE 203

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Conference registration: 8:15am-3:00pm    CUE Atrium

Publishers book exhibit: 8:15am-3:00pm    CUE Atrium

Coffee and snacks: 8:15-9:00am            CUE Atrium

Session 4    9:00-10:30am

PANEL 9 – Taiwan Legal Practice for Achieving Global Sustainable Development     CUE 203
Yung-hua Kuo – “Post-disaster Reconstruction Laws and Indigenous Adaptive Strategies in Taiwan”

Wen-Ning Chang – “Combatting illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing—Prospects for cooperation among Asian countries”

Yun-Pei Tu – “Framing Reproductive Rights in Taiwan from Feminist Perspectives in the Global Contexts”

Chair: Yung-hua Kuo (PhD Candidate, School of Law, University of Washington)

Discussant: Weiting Guo, Simon Fraser University

PANEL 10 – Contemporary Chinese discourses        CUE 219

I-Hsiao Michelle Chen, The University of Texas at Austin, “Dialects and Accents in Contemporary Chinese Cinema—Heteroglossic Reality or Regional Stereotypes?
Michael Day, National University, “Continuities and Strengths: The Ebbs and Flows of the Unofficial Poetry Scene in China since 1976”

Alice Fengyuan Yu, University of Arizona, “Victim or Hero? The Recollections and Representations of China’s Sent-down Educated Youths”

Chair: Roger Chan, Washington State University

PANEL 11 - Work, Family, and Everyday Life in Contemporary Korean Society        CUE 319

Wontae Koh, Yonsei University, “Who Leaves and When do They Return?: Parental Leave and (De)Coupling in South Korea”

SuMin Park, Yonsei University, “One Workshop, Two Time Regime”

Gayoung Kim, Yonsei University, “Appropriating Precarity: Between work for living and post-work”

Chair: Dong-No Kim, Yonsei University

Coffee and cookies: 10:30-10:45am        CUE Atrium

Session 5    10:45am-12:15pm

PANEL 12 – Modern & Contemporary Asian Cinema        CUE 203

Jeff Purdue, Western Washington University, “The Use of Thematic Motifs in Japanese Shoshimin Films of the 1930s-1950s”

Lipi Turner-Rahman, Washington State University, “Saints, Kings, Queens and Monsters: rewriting history and myth in Bollywood.”

Esther Yau, University of Hong Kong, “Purity and Precarity: China’s Female Migrants on the World’s Festival Screens”

Chair: Lipi Turner-Rahman, Washington State University

PANEL 13 - Routinizing the Hidden and Sacred: Reinventing Space and Ritual from 17th- to 19th-Century Japan         CUE 219

Eiji Okawa, University of Victoria, “Custodians of a Sanctum: Structuring Social Relations at the Mt. Kōya Monastery in the Early Tokugawa Era”

Jeffrey Newmark, University of Winnipeg, “Popularizing and Ritualizing Hidden Japan: Two Tales of Mystery from Ihara Saikaku’s Tales from the Provinces”

Gideon Fujiwara, University of Lethbridge, “Reinventing a Poetic Tradition: The Imperial New Year Poetry Reading from Tokugawa to Meiji Japan”

Panel Discussant: Lenore Szekely, University of Winnipeg,

Panel Chair: Gideon Fujiwara, University of Lethbridge

PANEL 14 – New perspectives on Chinese culture        CUE 207

Yiyun Huang, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, “’Pernicious Drug’ or ‘Green Jade’: Chinese Tea Culture in North America prior to 1784”

Maggie Ka-ying Tsang, Simon Fraser University, “Constructing a New Philosophical Understanding of Chinese Medicine”

Zheng Zhang, University of California, Davis, “Writing Diversity, Interplaying Difference:Wang Duo’s Assorted Scripts for Yugu”

Chair: Marina Tolmacheva, Washington State University

SPECIAL EVENT    11:15am-12:15pm        Library Computer Lab (TBD)
Amanda Clark, "A Selection of Digital Library Resources for Studies on Christianity in China."
This is a 60-minute special session to be held in the library.

Lunch     12:15-1:15pm        CUE Atrium

ASPAC General Meeting        12:15-1:15 pm    CUE 207  

Session 6    1:15-2:45pm

PANEL 15 – Diaspora and identity        CUE 219

Michael Brown, Bellevue College, “Victoria Acosta Velasco and the Seattle Civil Rights Movement”

Rodney Jubilado, University of Hawaii at Hilo, “Mom, Dad, why are we in Hawaii? Conversations between Filipino Parents and their Children”

Mario Vega, Washington State University, “‘An All-American Boy’: The Story of Tom Haji, Rural Nisei, and the 442nd RCT”

Chair: Ann Wetherell, Willamette University

PANEL 16 - Missionary Agency in the context of WWII: Transnational Perspectives    CUE 319

Chikako Ikehata, Doshisha University, “Tetsuji Tsuchiyama in Wartime China: Making Christianity “Japanese” and Transnational”

Lydia Gerber, Washington State University, “Bitter Compromises: a preliminary exploration of Weimar Mission work in Shandong from 1933 to 1945”

Amanda Clark, Whitworth University, “Charles J. McCarthy, the Jesuit Mission, and War-torn Catholic Shanghai”

Discussant, Anthony E. Clark, Whitworth University

PANEL 17 – Perspectives on Representation and identity    CUE 203

Zamminlien, Hyderabad Central University, “Continuity in Changes: Performative Study on the Christian Musical Traditions of the Kuki Community”

Lixing Zhang, Sarah Lawrence College, “The Relational Self: The Lesbian T Identity in China and its Implications on Female Masculinity”

Lenore Szekely, University of Winnipeg, “Generic Innovation and Role Type in Li Yu’s Nahie tian”

Chair: Hilary Dickerson, Pacific Union College


SPECIAL EVENT    3:00-5:00 pm        CUE 202
Dissertation-to-Book Workshop, Lorri Hagman, Executive Editor, University of Washington Press

Session 7    3:00-4:30pm

PANEL 18 – Security and foreign relations in contemporary Asia        CUE 216

Enyu Zhang, Seattle University, “Cross-Strait Relations after the PCA Ruling over the South China Sea Disputes”

Ivan Willis Rasmussen, New York University, Shanghai, “The Chinese PLA’s extended mission: protecting citizens abroad”

Anup Datta, North Bengal University, Sikkim; Board of Research Studies, Nagaland University, “Conflict and Terrorism in Asia-Pacific”

Chair: Noriko Kawamura, Washington State University

PANEL 19 - Agents of Change: Chinese Christians and Western Missionaries as Social and Political Activists    CUE 219

E. Bruce Reynolds, San Jose State University, “Crisis Christianity—The American Board North China Mission and the Famine of 1878”

Anthony E. Clark, Whitworth University, “China's Catholic Reform: Chinese Nuns and the Republican Era Movement for Women's Education and Equality.”

Kristopher C. Erskine, The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. :Chinese Communists, American Foreign Policy, War and the American Missionary”

Chair: Lydia Gerber, Washington State University

PANEL 20 -      Perspectives on Korea        CUE 319

Tae Yeon Eom, University of British Columbia, “Walking the Thin Line: Chosŏn Korea’s Triangular Relations and Fluctuating Boundaries with Ming and Later Jin”

Hieyeon Keum, University of Seoul, “The Road to Freedom: New Lives for North Korean Defectors in the South”

Discussant: W. Puck Brecher, Washington State University

KEYNOTE ADDRESS    5:30-6:30pm      CUB Junior Ballroom.

Dr. Prasenjit Duara, Duke University, Vice President of AAS. “Sacred Ecologies: Sustainability and Transcendence in Contemporary Asia.”

BANQUET    6:30-8:00pm      CUB Junior Ballroom

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Conference registration: 8:15am-9:00am    CUE Atrium

Publishers book exhibit: 8:15am-10:45am    CUE Atrium

Coffee and snacks: 8:15-9:00am            CUE Atrium

Session 8    9:00-10:30am

PANEL 21 – Wartime and Post-War Japan        CUE 203

Pedro Iacobelli, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, “Spies: Japanese agents in Chile during World War II.”

Hilary Dickerson, Pacific Union College, “B.P. Hoffman’s Transpacific Ties in War and Occupation”

Noriko Kawamura, Washington State University, “Emperor Hirohito in the Early Years of the Cold War”

Chair: Noriko Kawamura, Washington State University

PANEL 22 - Ethnicity and Change in Contemporary China        CUE 219

Judith Pine, Western Washington University, “Performing ‘Chinese Lahu’: visual discourses of ethnic identity in Lahu language music videos”

Eveline Bingaman, National Tsing Hua University, “The Things That Bind Us Can Also Divide Us: Ethnicity in Southwest China”

Wei Fan, Leshan Normal College, “Study on the Ethnic Left-Behind Children's Difficulties in the Education and Related Suggestion: Based on the field-work in two Yi People's Villages”

Kristen Parris, Western Washington University, “Saving the She”

Chair: Kristen Parris, Western Washington University

PANEL 23 – Undergraduate Research Panel: China        CUE 319

Krista Brutman, Washington State University, “Left-Over Women: Feminism’s New Front in Modern China”

Qianni Shen, Washington State University,  “The “Tiger Mom” Stereotype: Analyzing the Traditional Chinese Parenting Style”

Ruijun Chen, Washington State University, “Sino-German Cooperation between 1926 and 1938”

Chair: Lydia Gerber, Washington State University

Coffee and cookies: 10:30-10:45am        CUE Atrium

EVENT: 10:45am -12:15pm  
Tour of photograph collection housed in WSU’s Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections.

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